The Forest of Love

The Creators

For now, The Forest of Love has a team of two.



Art, Animation, Game Design, Writing, Concept, Director, Music

A critter of many hats! To be honest, I’d like to do it all! In fact, I tried to do the coding before I realized I was in WAY over my head! I’m just fascinated by the entire art making process - in any medium really. It’s super fun, and SUPER challenging, but ridiculously rewarding!

I’ve been in the fandom since I started drawing, in 2007. Most folks know me as an illustrator/commission artist - but I’d like to show everyone what else I can do!

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Game Design, Game Programmer, Writing

I'm a bouncy, playful fox who's always been interested in storytelling and entertainment! I come alive when I'm creating Cool Stuff, even moreso when I see my creations bringing other folks a smile. I strive to add the most I can to art and life, and I'm crazy passionate about the work I do -- bonus points when said work involves adorable fuzzy critters! :}

Programming is my career and artmaking is my hobby, though someday I hope to reverse the two. Or at least meet them in the middle and create video games full time. Safe to say, The Forest of Love is a fantastic way to start that journey!! ^.^

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