Critters of the Forest


Red (Name not final)

A curious traveler, from a far away land.

The protagonist of our adventure.



The Bunny (Name not final)

Mother, Farmer, and the Town Gossip!

She’s a lovely bundle of joy~! Very friendly, very compassionate. Not only has she raised several litters, she’s also looked at as the mother figure of the town. Many critters seek her council for wisdom, or just a shoulder to cry on. Thus, she’s always in the know of what’s going on! She’s got a thirst for drama and all the juicy details, so she tends to be a bit of a gossip.

The bunny and her husband settled down in the forest decades ago when things were a bit more wild. Over the years, they’ve had many promiscuous adventures with many of the critters in town!



The Otter (Name not final)

Young entrepreneur and go-getter!

He took over the family business and runs the local shop. Works hard, but plays harder!

If he’s not counting money, securing wares for the town, or considering a new prospect - you can find this guy “chilling” with his posse of otters.



The Beaver (Name not final)

Sculptor, Woodworker, general Handy-man.

The beaver is one of the earlier inhabitants of the forest. He has helped build some of the structures and a majority of the furnishing in the neighbors houses.

He’s an old geezer now, but as chipper and cheery as ever! Always wearing a warm smile, and happy to talk to anyone who passes by.



The Mouse (Name not final)

The forest is home to critters of all sizes~

She may be small, but this young mouse is quite the lady. Without revealing too much, we’ll just say, “big things come in small packages.” In more ways than one…


And many more!

Maybe even you?