The Forest of Love

Collab-Tier Thresholds!

For those who’d like to be apart of the game and make their mark.

This is for you!


How it works?

Our top tier is the Collab-Tier. It’s a pay-what-you-want, pay-as-you-go system that let's dedicated supporters be more directly involved with the game! The first couple thresholds are less expensive options, while the last threshold is vastly expandable and customizeable.

The sky is the limit, so long as it fits in the game.

You will be working closely with me (Carrot) as we figure out what it is you’d like. There are some cases where we will need to adjust your design or ideas to fit the aesthetic/flavor of the game. But in general, it’s quite flexible.

Without spoiling anything, “Act 5” of the game allows for the most flexibility in terms of new characters and what not. There is a bit of a timeleap from act 4 to act 5 - so this is where all of the changes will take place. Your involvement WILL NOT impact the main-story quest. But WILL DEFINITELY be apart of the world and the forest as a whole. Act 5 is the “post-game” phase. Most of the playtime should be spent here, as the player can fully travel the lands, revisit characters, reenact scenes - and all of the extra content that will be pushed along during this phase.

Payment is flexible

Be aware that 50$ is NOT the maximum you can pledge, but it is the MINIMUM TIER to be in this project. At any point in time you can increase your pledge to speed up your payment and get what you want. If you need to stop payment, we can shift your reward, or put you on hold until you return.

Be prepared

IDEALLY. You will know what sort of thing you are shooting for. I will not begin production on your involvement until you are 1000% sure of your involvement, and payment is complete. I’m 100% all for spit-balling with you to come up with a super fun involvement idea!


  • By pledging at any level, your name will be in the credits (Unless you opt out). Everything on this page is for the 50$+ Tier Patrons only.

  • REWARDS DO NOT STACK - but you can pay for multiples if you want.




Name immortalization!

(At least 50$)

Deep in the ruins of the Forest, have your name (or whatever) carved for generations to see!

  • Your name (or whatever simple word(s)) can be inscribed in the walls.

    • (Up to our discretion. We won’t put in super dumb stuff.)



Portrait immortalization!

(At least 100$)

Deep in the ruins of the Forest, have your portrait carved for generations to see!

  • Your character’s (or whomever) portrait will be inscribed.



Statue immortalization!

(At least 200$)

Deep in the ruins of the Forest, your character can be immortalized entirely for generations to see!

  • Interactable Asset! Featured in the deep ruins of the forest

    • (These spots will rotate if there are enough statues! Like the visitors.)

  • Several lines of “Ghost Dialogue.” You can communicate with the player.

    • (No portraits. Your connection to the mortal realm isn’t strong enough.)

  • (Doesn’t necessarily have to be a statue in the room, but something on a similar level. Single non-moving sprite, with interactable capabilities.)



Visiting Critter

(At least 400$)

o   Your character in the game as an interactable character!

  • (“Visitors” aren’t permanent, but instead rotate around with other visitors. The visitors in each environment will be refreshed every time the map is loaded)

o   Several lines of dialogue!

o   A couple portraits for the dialogue!

o   Animated Idle sprite!



Permanent Resident

(At least 800$)

  • Your character in the game as an interactable character!

    • (PERMANENT resident! You will choose where you live, and your character will reside there permanently. We can arrange canon flings and what not!)

  • Several lines of dialogue and more complex strings of interaction!

  • Several portraits for dialogue!

  • Animated Idle Sprite!

  • Access to RESIDENT ADD-ONS


Additional in-game props or extras (100$+)

  • Want a house/interior? ($$$+)

  • A small kiosk or some nearby props? ($)

Your own Questline! (100$+)

  • Include other NPC interaction, objects, or whatever!

  • A prop to obtain/deliver or keep around or whatever.

Sex Scene (Non Animated) (200$+)

(This option will be accompanied with a narrative. Either retold by a character, or presented by “The Narrator Voice”)

  • Includes 2 characters and a background)

  • Additional Characters? ($$+)

  • Additional Scenes? ($$$+)

Sex Scene (Animated) (1000$+)

  • Includes ONE Character (SOLO). Animated loop, Cum, Idle.

  • Additional Characters? (+200$ for the first, $$$+ for more)

  • Additional Scenes ($$$+)



  • I’d like a bear character as a permanent resident. +800$

  • She’s a witch doctor who sells potions, so let’s get a cauldron! +100$

  • I’d like a quest line where you can deliver potions for her. +100$~

  • First I’d like a Sex Scene Image, where she will talk about one of her potions and how it endowed a previous partner. +200$

    • 2 character illustration

    • and a bit of a story

  • Lastly, I’d like a Sex Scene Animation with the Otter. He will drink a potion of endowment, so the sex scene will have him a bit on my the hyper side. (Up to Carrot’s disgression) +1000$

    • Animated loop

    • Cumming loop

    • idle loop

      +200$ for an additional character.

This entire prompt would be 2400$ Paid over time, at whatever rate.


This game should only take about a year or so to complete (probably a bit more). So be prepared to pay a lump sum at some point, or adjust your plan accordingly!


If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a note on FA/IB/Patreon/whatever. Links below!