A Bit of History…

Vixel and I have been wanting to get into the Game-development scene for a while! He has a bit of background in the programming side from earlier in his career, and I’ve done game assets professionally several years back as well. But only recently have we decided to be in full control and make all the calls ourselves.

Mid-2018, I kept hassling Vixel to partner up with me! He insisted he wasn’t ready yet, and wanted to properly dive into Unity himself - very respectable! So I waited.

It wasn’t until December 2018 when he approached me saying he was ready - to which I replied, HELL YUS.

We hit the ground running coming up with a sizeable scope, something flexible, something capable. Something super fun, with endless possibilities. A bit of a blank canvas if you will. And I had just the concept!


To those who are familiar with my work. I had a line of commissions/pieces that I tagged “The Forest of Love.” The pieces were of random critters banging, with a forest backdrop. I always thought it was fun to consider that the same forest. Just a nice little place that’s popular for hooking up.

Thus started the foundations of our game.

The Beginning…

Over the rest of December and into January (2019), we focused on making the Game Document and fleshing out the lore/general story. We also had to finish up our own previous commitments before we could be fully dedicated to this game.

As of February 2019, we’ve been fully into production mode! In those 2 months, we’ve managed to create almost all of the assets and engine necessary for a Vertical Slice/Demo! We hope to keep up this speed as the year goes on.



Phase 1

Preproduction, and previsualization.

(December 2018)

A majority of this was done during the first few months of this games life. I wanted to make sure the foundations were set in stone before I drew a line, or Vixel wrote a line of code.

We established our goals and ideals, which started our path onto what game we’d make.

We designed the general game play experience and player interaction. The world, the character. The story, the lore. The personalities, the quirks. The general attitude and feel of the game.

After about a month of work, we had a 25 page Game Document, and a solid plan.



Phase 2

Asset and engine production. Story detailing.

(February 2019 - Present)

This is where we are currently, and the main chunk of our timeline. The foundations are set, and now it’s time to build.

This phase also will be a testing ground to try and see how our pre-production and planning works in action. The first milestone in this phase is the Vertical Slice/Demo. This tests all of our core mechanics and is designed to give us the general feel of the gameplay.

The next milestones will probably be each larger Biome being finished. There are 5 in total. Only one being finished at the moment.



Phase 3

Finalizing, Compiling, Quality of Life polish,
and Distribution.

(2020 Quarter 1-2)

By this point in time, the game should be just about “done.” - Meaning all of the main features will be in the game and be working.

We will be focusing on:

  • Bug-crushing and quality of life improvement. Small tweaks to really get the extra polish.

  • Distributing. Hopefully get this on Steam at some point. Definitely Maybe a browser version. Or perhaps playable on a phone.

  • General whatever else. Localization maybe?



Phase 4

Extra Content.

(2020 Quarter 2-4)

This game isn’t particularly made to be on-going. The general narrative arch is meant to have an end, and that’s kind of that. But we’ve designed this game so “Act 5” is open ended. It’s the “post-game.” This act allows for a lot of flexibility, and extra content. We do have some things planned, but this production isn’t going to be something we sit on for years and years.

Vixel and I have plans for many other games, and though this game does have room and flexibility to be on-going, there will be a point when we call this game finished.