The Forest of Love


Squashed and being squished!

If you think you’ve found a bug not listed, please report it here! Give us as much info as possible!


To fix

Some bugs are big! Some are small. They are listed here and will be tackled in any order.

  • Some typos, and small adjustments in wording!

  • WebGL music will stop looping after a period of time when tabbing out.

  • Additional Bunny Dialogue at the beginning of game, “Oh and, I’ll have something for you after you help the others…” etc

Squashed Bugs!

If you’re running into any of these bugs, make sure you are running the most current version!

  • WASD controls reversed for up and down.

  • An Easter Egg with the Bear was overlapping with some UI elements.

  • Issue with Bear and Beaver quest lines. Made them uncompletable.